Your First Appointment

During the first session your psychologist will discuss your issues with you, as well as the timing of appointments, fees and other matters such as confidentiality and privacy. You should feel free to ask whatever questions you wish.

This is your time with a psychologist, and you are free to say as much or as little as you feel comfortable

Psychology Centre in Tasmania have counselling sessions lasting around 1 hour.

Session Length

Consultations with psychologists usually last for approximately one hour.

Psychology Centre in Tasmania leads open conversations.

Opening Conversation

During the first session your psychologist will discuss with you issues of and limits to confidentiality.

Psychology Centre in Tasmania targets your concerns in our sessions.

Session’s Aim

The aim of the first session is to gather information that will inform a plan for treatment.

Psychology Centre in Tasmania understands that self-care is important.

Be Relaxed

Throughout the discussion you may say as much or as little about issues as you feel comfortable.

Psychology Centre in Tasmania are available for counselling and therapy.

For more on your first appointment, call
03 6223 1138

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