Supervision and Consultation

At the Psychology Centre, we provide supervision and consultation opportunities for psychologists and other professionals.

Staff at the Psychology Centre provide a range of training opportunities to other professionals and organizations.
Areas of training include:

Psychology Centre in Tasmania is experienced with therapy.


Our staff offer general therapy skills training.

Psychology Centre in Tasmania has experienced with relationship counselling.


Our staff are well versed in family and couples’ therapy.

Communication Skills


Staff also provide supervision, mentoring and consultation to other professionals. Most staff are Psychology Board of Australia approved supervisors.

Psychology Centre in Tasmania understands that self-care is important.


Juggling professional and personal lives can be very demanding. Our staff provides practical advice, training and ongoing support to assist clients to find a productive work-life balance.

Psychology Centre in Tasmania has team building training and supervision.

Team Building

Our staff provide conflict resolution, mediation, and team building training.

Psychology Centre in Tasmania are available for counselling and therapy.

To speak with one of our psychologists regarding any of the above, call
03 6223 1138

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